Old Quarter Counselling service was established in the late nineties. It has a long and trusted tradition in client care. We endeavour to provide the highest standard of professional practice and regard all relationships as both professional and personal in nature. Nurturing and empowerment are the cornerstones of the practice.

At Old Quarter Counselling Service you are invited to engage on two levels, primarily with your inner self and subsequently with those around you in all walks of life. It is through genuine engagement with self that we become free to interact with those around us in an open and unencumbered way. We are, all of us on a similar path, the stories of our unique lives are what differentiate us along our journey.

Counselling supports us to explore beneath the external stories and experiences that we sometimes feel defined by and frees us to live a life that feels more authentic.  It encourages the seeking and living of a life that embraces contentment, peace and fulfillment.